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My First Blog powered by MKWS

Well this is my first Blog post on my website. I've made it using a simple tool I found called mkws

To install it run this command in a terminal(linux):

curl -so - | tar -xzvf -

This will download a directory called in the directory you are currently in.

You then create a index.upphtml which is required and will house the code you want for the home page it reads html as long as it doesn't have double quotations you don't need to include them when writing in the template files.

<div class=example>
<p>Hello World</p>
<a href=>Link!</a>

For more info go to MKWS Docs Page!

The directory has templates that are used to generate html files and everything inside the index.upphtml will go into the body of the template html inside l.upphtml. You can edit 1.upphtml to change the default layout of your generated web pages.

The bash script that runs to generate the static webpage run assumes you are inside the directory so I moved the files to my blog directory so that I can run the ./bin/mkws directly inside my blog directory.

To finally generate the html files I run ./bin/mkws I include the url to my blog because mkws requires a url to run so that it has a location to add to the sitemap.xml


  • Make a script to generate or add to rss feed
  • Continue working on game development